About Grofol Projects Limited

We are a leading engineering and industrial consulting company, specializing in the areas of Power, Engineering, Marine Equipments, Oil & Gas Procurement, Facility Maintenance, Safety and much more.
With over 15 years of skilled experience, Grofol has built structures and established solutions to the challenges most companies face in today’s industrial ecosystem.


We provide a wide range of globally recognized standard services that ensures our customer gets value for resources spent.
We do this by ensuring you receive the correct product, built to the correct specification and on budget..


We are able to offer you varieties of flexible service, adapting our service to fit your unique needs but we specialize and simplify procurement processes using our extensive knowledge of global supply and logistics.

Our Strategic Purpose

With our stretched tentacles throughout the world we are able to source every item of material or equipment your company may need and fulfill any requirement.

Our Vision

To successfully supply the mining, oil, gas and engineering industries as well as the civil infrastructure with best practices.

Our Mission

Our focus is developing our advanced technologies to deliver you cost savings and increased efficiency. We continually strive to add value to our service by simplifying your buying process and ensure you get the most out of their business with us.

Our Strategy

There is the option of a single point of contact for one to one interaction providing you with a direct contact at Storm for all your requirements.
By pooling our resources from strong supplier relationship, industry knowledge and global presence we are able to provide you with a constantly reliable service in country and on-site.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Safety

Our Partners

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