Oil and Gas Procurement Solution

We provide procurement services that cuts across the exploration,extraction,refining and delivery of oil and gas products.
We help oil and gas industries get the best out of any resource spent for products, be it the smallest of bolts or the heaviest of machineries.
we are the connecting bridge between any business operating in the oil, gas or mining sectors and their industrial needs.

We Can Offer Following Types Of Solutions:

New and used drilling rigs, pipelines, complete refineries and all attendant materials and machinery can be sourced, procured and shipped to your port of choice or to its final destination. Below are the highlights of our procurement services or contact us by filling up the form for more details on Oil & Gas Procurement.

  • Electrical Equipment, Fittings, Trunking, Cables and Tools.
  • Industrial Pumps for Oil and Gas Production.
  • Oil & Gas Valves.
  • ATEX Electrical Hazardous Area Equipment

Safe And Turnkey Solutions

We understand the regulations of various local authority's and major industrial safety requirement, so we purchase from credible sources and import materials and equipments legally and efficiently.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us or call at +234 (806) 192 8009.

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